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What to Wear to Competition

Be prepared for your Gymnastics Competition

Okay, competition is coming and we want to make sure that your athlete is setup for success.  No worrying about the small stuff.  Here is a list of the small stuff that can turn into big stuff if you are not prepared.  Ready?  Here we go…


Please arrive at the competition venue 30 minutes prior to your listed warm-up time.  There will be a registration table for the athletes. This is where you say good-bye and good luck and send them to their coaches.

*Make sure you have cash on hand.  All competitions charge entry fee to come and watch and it is usually cash only.

This is a good time to check your phone battery.  Scores are usually posted live on a website and it would be really disappointing to run out of battery life just before the final scores!  Usually a QR Code is provided at the meet for you to scan and view the scores, OR you can go to the Pegasus website and the link will be provided there too!


When your athlete arrives at the venue make sure that they are dressed and ready to go, hair done and bags packed.

COMP SUIT – you should already have your suit on by the time you check in at the registration table.

LEGGINGS – plain black leggings only. No coloured stitching or waistbands.

JACKET – Go Team Pegasus!  Please be wearing your team jacket when you arrive.  On travel meets you are also expected to wear the jacket when you go to watch your teammates compete.

SOCKS – clean…white….plain.  Buy several pairs at the beginning of the season and keep with the comp suit so you aren’t searching at the last minute.

*your athlete can also bring slippers or flip flops to wear on the competition floor as the concrete floor can get cold.

MAKE-UP – Make up is not required but if your athlete usually wears it, please make sure it is natural looking.  This is not the time to try something new.



When you are wearing your track suit, you are representing Pegasus.  Please be on your best behavior even if you are less than pleased with your results.  Good sportsmanship is a must.  This goes for parents too!  You never know who is sitting around you.  It reflects poorly to hear you badmouthing another athlete or gym.  Remember they are all someones child and they are doing their best.  The same goes for how you speak about your own child.  Stay positive!



It can be a long day for your athlete so make sure they have a water bottle (water only please) and a snack (nothing messy or hard to eat).  Some competitions can last up to four hours and it helps to have something to tide them over.  Easy one bite snacks.



After you have said good-bye to your athlete your job is done.  Please do not try to talk to them during the competition.  The floor is off limits unless you are competing.  If there is anything you MUST talk to your athlete about once they are on the floor, please go through the coach.



It is a long day for siblings that are attending the event with you.  Make sure they have hours of fun packed in a backpack they can use to keep busy.  There are lots of things our athletes need to focus on during competition and little brothers and sisters are not one of them.  It is distracting to all athletes.



Please, NO swimming before the competition.  Swimming can be exhausting and we want our athletes to be the best they can.  After the meet, swim, swim, swim all you want!



It is important for your athlete to eat well leading up to the competition day.  You know your athlete best, so make sure that they are well fed but not “full” before the competition.  Plan ahead for the meet.  If they are competing at a different time than they normally train, take that into account and plan accordingly.


Your athlete has done all the hard work and training and this is the fun part!  They are already nervous, so don’t take it personally if they are distracted or edgy.

Most of all, Stay Positive and Have Fun!