Specialty Gymnastics Classes

Handstand on Lunge Acro womens pair
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Instructional Gymnastics Classes

We have something for everyone, offering a variety of specialty recreational classes to best fit your gymnastics needs.

We strive to provide quality gymnastics by focusing on teaching proper techniques in all of our recreational programs.

Online Registration

Pegasus Gymnastics strives to provide quality gymnastics by focusing on teaching proper techniques in all of our gymnastics programs. We excited to offer recreational classes for levels!

During this time we want to make sure we can bring everyone back to the gym safely. Please make sure to read and understand our COVID-19 Policies.

To participate at Pegasus Gymnastics we require you to sign our Covid-19 Waiver, Release of Liability, and PIPA Form. Forms must be filled out, signed, and handed in on the first day of classes.

Subscription Prices

Continuous Monthly Gymnastics

Pegasus is offering a new method of delivering quality recreational gymnastics with a continuous monthly subscription. 

Rather than the traditional method of registering for one session at a time, Pegasus offers ongoing programming on a monthly subscription price.

Registration is always open, sign up at any time for a class and stay registered until you need to change classes as your athlete progresses or withdraw when you’re ready.

When purchasing a gymnastics class, you will be paying for the first month of classes upfront. Payment for the ongoing monthly subscription will be processed on the 15th of each month. Don’t worry, if you purchase a class after the 1st of the month, it will prorate for the remaining classes left in the month.

Cancellation requests must be submitted before the 14th of each month to ensure cancellation, due to the amount of time needed for processing as payments run on the 15th. Any requests made after the 14th of the month will not be processed until the following month and the monthly fee will still be charged with no options for a refund. The amount could be applied as a credit onto the account.

Sign up for any class you like, stay registered until you need to change classes as your athlete progresses.

It is a great way to test out the sport on a short-term basis with minimal commitment!

Dancer/Cheer Tumbling

Our tumbling class provides the opportunity to focus completely on the basics of tumbling starting with handstands, roundoffs, front and back walkovers as well as ariels and much more. This is perfect for Acro Dancers, Cheerleaders, Parkour athletes who want to learn, improve and expand tumbling skills.

Performance Team

The Pegasus Performance Team is for gymnastics who aspire to learn and achieve their skills in a structured program than the recreational classes. The goal of this program is fun and performance-based, each athlete will be a part of a group routine that consists of dance, tumbling, gymnastics and acrobatics. This group will be evaluated on their skills, strength, and flexibility.

Acro Gymnastics

This class is for athletes who are interested in Acro Gymnastics. In this class they will learn the basic understanding of the sport and the skills necessary to move forward.

Tumbling Teens

A great new class for Teens!  Build confidence, establish or enhance agility, balance, coordination and body awareness. From beginner (gymnastics basics and introduction to fitness) to advanced (moderate to very active, cross/dryland training) and everyone in between.

Homeschool Class

This class is brand new to Pegasus! It is offered to children who are home schooled and are able to join us for a gymnastics class each week. This class will focus on the basic gymnastics skills and will work each kid through the necessary progressions to advance through gymnastics.

Strength & Flexibility

A class focused on building strength and endurance through gymnastic styled conditioning. We’ll also work on increasing your range of motion and flexibility with this class. Great to cross train with your sport.

Annual Membership

Pegasus Membership

Everyone participating must have a valid 2020-2021 Pegasus Membership. This includes insurance coverage through the Alberta Gymnastics Federation. Pegasus Membership is mandatory for all programs and is valid from July 1st – June 30th. Pegasus Memberships are non-refundable.