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Instructional Gymnastics

Pegasus Gymnastics

Monthly Gymnastics

Pegasus is offering a new method of delivering quality recreational gymnastics with a continuous monthly tuition.

Rather than the traditional method of registering for one session at a time, Pegasus offers ongoing programming with a monthly price.

Registration is always open!

Sign up at any time for a class and stay registered until you need to change classes as your athlete progresses or withdraw when you’re ready.

young gymnast sitting on shoulders of another gymnast
quality gymnastics in a family-friendly environment

Instructional Gymnastics Programs​

Welcome to Pegasus, where quality gymnastics is attained through progressional and instructional training of both the mind and body.

Our innovative Kinder and Recreational Instructional Programming is structured as such so children can complete our program at their own developmental pace and can continue well into their teen years. Our programming is also challenging enough to prepare athletes for the mental and physical requirements of the competitive stream, should that be their goal.


Introducing children to gymnastics early is a great way to develop coordination, balance, strength, and discipline, all while having fun.

Artistic Gymnastics

Each class is structured around vault, bars, beam, and floor. Allowing athletes to develop the skills necessary to learn quality gymnastics at all levels.

young girl standing on balance beam

Trampoline & Tumbling

T&T  includes trampoline, double mini and rod floor. Athletes can look forward to learning basic to advanced T&T skills in all three disciplines.

Specialty Classes

We have something for everyone, offering a variety of specialty recreational classes to best fit your gymnastics needs.

Ongoing Gymnastics

Monthly gymnastics classes run from September through to June. You can sign up at any time for a class, registration is always open. Classes will not be running during the blackout dates for recreation and kinder gymnastics classes, click here to see when the gym is closed.

When purchasing a gymnastics class, you will be paying for the first month of classes upfront. Payment for the ongoing monthly tuition will be processed on the 15th of each month.

Monthly tuition costs are based on a 4-week month. Monthly tuition costs can vary based on the number of classes offered in a month, due to the day of the week, the number of weeks in the month, blackout dates and statutory holidays. If you purchase a class after the 1st of the month, it will prorate for the remaining classes left in the month.

Drop requests must be submitted by the 14th of each month to ensure cancellation before the payments run on the 15th. To cancel classes, submit a drop request through iClassPro or a withdrawal notice by email will be accepted. Drops will not be accepted over the phone.

All prices listed are before GST. Everyone participating in classes must have a current Pegasus Membership.

To participate at Pegasus Gymnastics, we require you to accept the Release of Liability Waiver and PIPA Form in your iClassPro account through the Student Policies prior to the first class.

For more details on how Monthly Gymnastics works at Pegasus Gymnastics, have a read through our handbook.

Annual Membership

Pegasus Membership

All participants must have a current Pegasus Membership. The membership is annual, valid from July 1 to June 30 and includes insurance coverage through Alberta Gymnastics Federation. Pegasus Memberships are non-refundable. Note that these prices could change based on an increase in insurance premiums from AGF. If they do increase, there could be an additional fee.

Contact Us for Assistance

Need help finding the right class for your child?
Send us an email, we’re happy to help!