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Team Photos

Our competitive team photos coming up on Monday, November 20th and Tuesday, November 21st.

We will need all developmental, pre-team, and competitive athletes at the gym and ready for the large team picture on Tuesday, November 21st at 4:40 PM. The schedule for group photos is included below.

Athletes will need to wear their Pegasus Training Suit. Please wear black or the black Pegasus hoodie with the orange logo if you do not have the training suit. We do have a few sizes available to purchase online: Pegasus 2023-2024 Training Suit.

The athletes need to have competition hair. Long hair should be done in a flip bun with all ends tucked in and secured. Shorter hair should be in a high ponytail, ensuring that the hair does not reach the eyes, hitting them or blocking the gymnast’s view. Please see the following link for reference and directions at

This will be the only time that they will be able to get their pictures taken so it is crucial that the athletes are at the gym on time and ready, especially for the team photo on Tuesday.

Each group will have a picture taken with all of the athletes together including their coach, and then they will have individual photos during the same time slot.

Pictures will be available to purchase online. A portion of every high-resolution picture sale will come back to Pegasus!