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How’s My Hair?

Women's Artistic Competition Hair

Now that competition season is upon us, there are many questions for both parents and athletes alike. One common question is “How do I do my hair?” Well, this is for you!

The women’s artistic coaches would like to keep the hair of all of our Pegasus WAG athletes consistent and clean-looking. Please make sure that you select one of the styles below that fits the athlete’s hair length. We want to make sure our team, looks like a team! Watch the video instructions below.

  • NO – ballerina buns, please.
  • NO – elaborate braids, twists, etc.
  • NO – bobby pins, if they fall out on the floor they are a safety hazard.
  • YES – All the girls must wear the hair bow. A quick thank you to Tracey Anderson who has graciously hand-made all of the bows for all the girls.
  • YES – hairspray, spray gel, gel, whatever it takes! Practice before training to see if it holds. If it makes it through training, you have used enough spray.
  • YES – hair clips need to be as close to your hair colour as possible. No rainbow, sparkle, or glitter clips, please.
It is a little-known secret, that TWO elastics will hold twice as well as one! Make sure your athlete has extra elastics (in a neutral colour close to their hair colour). The more elastics used will create a tighter hold.

This sounds self-explanatory but be forewarned! If the ponytail is too long, the girls can receive a deduction. This is NOT the way to lose points in a competition! What is too long? Well, if the hair at the end of the ponytail touches any of the apparatus during their routine, it is too long.

We only have two hairstyles that our coaches would like to see on the athletes for competition. Please find the hair instructions below with instructional videos.

Option 1: Plain Ponytail

If you want to keep the hair in a plain ponytail but it is very long, try curling the hair into ringlets. It can usually take a few inches off of the length. A simple french braid of the bangs into the bun or ponytail is fine.

The ponytail is to sit high on the head. If it is high enough, you should be able to see the bow from the front.

The bow goes on with the tails next to the head. It sounds backwards, but it looks better!

Option 2: Flip-Over Bun

A flip-over bun is created in the same way as the ponytail, but the end of the ponytail is left inside the elastic to create a “loop”. Please make sure that the flip-over bun is secure! 

Also, the end of the ponytail is tucked under and hidden. A simple french braid of the bangs into the bun or ponytail is fine.

We hope this helps on competition day when all the moms, dads, and grandparents are helping our athletes prepare. Good luck to everyone in the upcoming women’s artistic competition season!