COVID-19 Update

Please note we are following Alberta Gymnastics, Gymnastics Canada, and Health Organization every few hours and some events have been cancelled.  We will keep each program affected updated as we hear.  We do not have any confirmed cases within our membership as of today. If you or any family members have a positive test please inform

Protocol to follow as a member of Pegasus, it will take all of us to help stop the spread of this virus.

All those who enter the facility are required to wash their hands, please.  Athletes and Coaches will be required to wash their hands between events.  And please always wash your hands following the use of the bathroom.  No one should touch there face with their hands if you must cough use your elbow and move away from all others.

If your athlete has a cough or any other symptoms, please keep them home.  Most of our membership has Grand Parents and/or family members who are at high risk.

If any parents have some time, we have modified our biweekly clean to daily and multiple times.  We would appreciate any parent assistance we could get to assist in wipe down of all common areas and the surfaces in the gym including mats.  Lysol wipes are sold out at some of the stores, if any of you parents are out and see Lysol wipes, we would appreciate some donations or bring in your receipt for reimbursement.

Pegasus does not exceed 250 people in our facility at one time.  Please note competitive program heads will send out information regarding any changes to each program should Canadian Health, Alberta or Gymnastics Canada modify their guidelines.



Tammy and Jeremy

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