Women’s Competitive

Pegasus Gymnastics program will focus on teaching great technique that produces quality gymnastics. Pegasus will offer Pre-Team gymnastics (4 yr old to level 3) and Team gymnastics (level 4 and up). It is important to the owner to offer competitive gymnastics for all levels with an emphasis on quality.

2019-2020 Women’s Competitive Handbook

National Team
Trains 27 hours per week. This program will train twice per day, once in the morning and once in the evening. The goal of this program is to qualify to national team or national’s championship. There will be travel all over North America and in some cases all over the world. This requires proper nutrition, family commitment to the program, and time management.

Provincial Team
This is level 3-9 in the Junior Olympic Program. Training hours vary depending on the level. Level 3 train 12 hrs per week and level 9 train 23 hours per week. The goal of this program is qualify to provincial or western championships with an emphasis of quality gymnastics.

Pre-Team Developmental
Ages 6 and 7, this is Pegasus Gymnastics developmental program they train 9-16 hours per week. The purpose of this program is to develop spatial awareness, coordination, strength, flexibility, discipline and basic quality gymnastics.

Hot Shots
Ages 4 and 5, this is Pegasus Gymnastics introduction to pre-team gymnastics. Pegasus wants these young ladies to learn how to love gymnastics and at the same time develop coordination, strength, flexibility and start to understand motor functions of gymnastics. Training hours are from 4-6 hours per week.

If you are interested in joining our great TEAM! Please call 587-352-8685 or email womenscompetitive@pegasusgym.ca for more information.

*A tryout is necessary before being accepted into our program.