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Competitive Gymnastics Team

girl gymnastics in a purple suit swinging on the bars

Women's Artistic

Pegasus Gymnastics programs focus on teaching great technique that produces quality gymnastics. We have very qualified and dedicated staff at all levels. Pegasus offers Developmental Pre-Competitive Gymnastics (4 years old to 7 years old) and Competitive Gymnastics (8 years old and up). We have a legacy of champions at all levels, from Provincial Champions, National Champions, International competitions, and multiple NCAA division 1 scholarships.

Trampoline & Tumbling

Our competitive T&T Team programs are designed to accelerate your athletes’ ability to learn and progress their skill level and to prepare for advancement. Trampoline and Tumbling, T&T for short, is a discipline of gymnastics. It consists of 3 events; Tumbling, Double Mini Trampoline, & Trampoline.
female gymnast doing back flip on trampoline