Acrobatic Gymnastics Team

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Acrobatic Gymnastics

Acrobatic Gymnastics, Acro for short, is a discipline of gymnastics. It consists of balance and dynamic skills performed in partnerships of;

  • Women’s Pair
  • Women’s Group
  • Mixed Pair
  • Men’s Pair
  • Men’s Group

Partnerships of gymnasts work together to build pyramids, execute throws and catches. These partner skills are performed together with tumbling, dance, choreography, artistry and synchronization to music.
Our Acrobatics program is designed to accelerate your athletes’ and partnerships’ ability to learn and progress their skill level and prepare for advancement.

If you are interested in joining our ACRO TEAM, schedule an assessment for your Son or Daughter’s gymnastics skills.

A tryout is necessary before being accepted into our program.

two female gymnasts balancing another girl gymnast on thier feet
Acrobatic Gymnastics Team​​

Acro Program Descriptions

Acro Team

The acro team consists of athletes striving to become a part of partnership and progress their skills with them as a team. This program is the next step for our acrobats, they learn more complex dynamic skills and more intricate balances, as well as more interesting choreography.


The pre-team trains 4-6 hours per week and focus on building fundamentals in partner skills, acrobatics, choreography, and tumbling. This team is based around fundamental and building block skills. The purpose of this program is to learn basics in individual gymnastics skills, flexibility, and spatial awareness, as well as partner skills and coordination.

Interclub Team​

Prime Acro, Interclub for Acrobatic Gymnastics

Prime Acro is an exciting new program that introduces the sport of acrobatic gymnastics. The goal of this program is fun and performance-based.


Athletes will work in partnerships of 2 or 3 to learn acrobatic gymnastics skills. Partner skills consist of group balances, pyramids and dynamic throws and catches. Each partnership will learn an acrobatic gymnastics routine consisting of tumbling, gymnastics skills, dance and acrobatic partner skills.


Athletes will participate in several Prime Acro events in and around Calgary. Athletes and partnerships will also be evaluated on their skills, strength, and flexibility.

acro womens pair in dance pose on floor
Annual Membership

Pegasus Membership

Everyone participating must have a valid 2021-2022 Pegasus Membership. This is an annual membership and includes insurance coverage through the Alberta Gymnastics Federation. Pegasus Membership is mandatory for all programs and is valid from July 1st – June 30th. Pegasus Memberships are non-refundable.