Our philosophy at Pegasus Gymnastics is to play a constructive role in the development of healthy, confident, disciplined and responsible children. We accomplish this by:

  • Setting goals and a positive path to accomplishment
  • Helping children appreciate their innate self-worth and abilities
  • Helping children to enthusiastically master the art of learning
  • Helping children develop and refine the life-long skills of self-esteem and pride that come from being part of the best team in the city, province and country.
  • It is our philosophy to provide the opportunity for young athletes to make a lasting contribution to the sport of gymnastics while developing life-long leadership skills. We strive to provide a safe and challenging facility, with a high quality coaching staff at all levels of development.  We want to have children at any level enjoy their experience therefore every possible effort is made to ensure the health and well-being of every student, physically, mentally and emotionally. We want our athletes to become well-rounded adults of the future.