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Welcome to Pegasus


About Us

We are a family-owned & operated gymnastics club in Calgary, Alberta, with two locations.

Our dream as owners of Pegasus Gymnastics is to run a national-calibre women’s artistic gymnastics and trampoline & tumbling programs…a program that stands for quality!

Here is a place where, as a TEAM: the athlete, the coaches and the parents are encouraged to work together to make accomplishing those dreams fun, challenging and efficient.

quality gymnastics

Our Mission

To provide a facility where we can teach quality gymnastics in a family-friendly environment. We strive to provide a safe and challenging facility with certified coaching staff at all levels. With every effort being made to ensure the health and well-being of all athletes, physically, mentally and emotionally.
All Ages & Abilities

Our Vision

We’re passionate about gymnastics! It’s our goal that any child that comes through our doors will have a spot in one of our programs. We believe in the development of healthy, confident, disciplined and responsible children through the sport of gymnastics. We want our athletes to become well-rounded adults of the future.

How it Started

Our History​

Pegasus Gymnastics began as Pegasus Extreme Sports, at that time Pegasus was a small T&T club with 5 athletes. With those 5 athletes Pegasus was represented at:

  • National Championships
  • 2007 World Championships
  • 2007 World Age Group Championships
  • 2009 World Championships in Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • 2 athletes were members of the National Team for a combined total of 6 years


Check out the Pegasus Alumni

It was our long term goal to turn this into a large gymnastics and trampoline and tumbling program. Jump ahead to 2015 and Tammy Stephenson (Coach) and Jeremy Mosier (previous Pegasus athlete) have realized their dream to start their own competitive Gymnastics Centre. Pegasus Gymnastics is now in its fifth year and has become a great place for young athletes to come and learn gymnastics in a team environment.

Whether here for fun, or to become a top competitive athlete, Pegasus is for everyone!